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  • Yukon Attorney Will Bradley Suspended for 18 Months

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has suspended Yukon attorney Will Bradley for 18 months, following allegations that he had violated the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct. The Court also imposed a $1,117.79 fine. Two of Bradley’s clients who had sought counsel in divorce matters reported him to the Oklahoma Bar Association, alleging ethical violations. Bradley has also Read More»

  • Tulsa Attorney Clayton Ijams Given One Year Suspension

    Tulsa attorney Clayton Ijams Jr. has been suspended from the practice of law until December 23, 2015. His suspension follows criminal convictions on matters related to a domestic dispute with his ex-wife and an ensuing police chase while driving under the influence. The Oklahoma Bar Association recommended an 18-month suspension. However, Ijams offered mitigating evidence Read More»

  • Tulsa Attorney Blake Givens Suspended for Two Years

    On November 25, 2014, the Oklahoma Supreme Court suspended Tulsa attorney Blake Givens from the practice of law for two years. The suspension followed two domestic violence disputes, which were fueled by Givens’ alcohol addiction. Givens received an 18-month suspended sentence following a 2011 domestic assault and battery charge and a disturbing the peach charge involving Read More»

  • Tulsa Attorney Steven Hart Suspended from Law Practice

    On November 18, 2014, the Oklahoma Supreme Court imposed a two year and one day suspension on Tulsa attorney Steven Hart. His suspension follows his repeated violation of a protection order entered against him. The Court determined that his multiple violations of the protection order demonstrated that Hart acted with disregard for the judicial process Read More»

  • Oklahoma Attorney David Knight Handed 1-Year Suspension

    An Oklahoma Attorney, David Knight, has been suspended from the practice of law for one year following disciplinary actions in Texas where he is also licensed. The Oklahoma Supreme Court issued an order to Knight on June 6, 2014 to show cause why he should not also be suspended in Oklahoma based on the 2013 Read More»

  • Defrocked Idabel Judge May Practice Law While Serving 5 Years Felony Probation

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court on June 18 allowed former Idabel Municipal Judge Jon Brown to return to work as an attorney after Brown entered a plea agreement in which he is to serve five years probation for a felony drug charge. If Brown fails to complete the five-year drug court program, he faces five years Read More»

  • Tulsa Attorney’s Law License Suspended After He Pawned a Stolen Pistol

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the license of Tulsa attorney Christopher Mark Cooley after he pleaded guilty on two felony charges and was handed five year suspended sentences on each of the counts. The court will set a hearing to impose a final order of discipline after Cooley has an opportunity to present Read More»

  • Tulsa Attorney Sandra Tolliver Suspended after Pleading in Husband’s Jail Smuggling Incident

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has suspended Tulsa attorney Sandra Lee Tolliver from the practice of law after Tolliver in February was handed an 18 month deferred sentence on a misdemeanor charge of bringing contraband into a jail. Tolliver was originally with a felony on the same allegations, in which she allegedly brought scissors, tweezers and Read More»

  • OKC Attorney Spared Disbarment After Misappropriating $48K of Client Funds

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has suspended for two years an Oklahoma City attorney who spent $48,000 of client’s money while the client was in prison. Lagailda F. Barnes could have faced disbarment, but the Supreme Court and Oklahoma Bar Association determined her admission of responsibility in the matter and her efforts to repay the money Read More»

  • Supreme Court: ADHD Doesn’t Alleviate Suspended Lawyer’s Personal Responsibility

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has suspended for one year Oklahoma City Attorney Alexander L. Bednar after he was suspended from practice in the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court and resigned from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. Bednar’s actions leading up to the state and federal disciplinary proceedings “indicate a disturbing pattern Read More»

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