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  • Grant Cheadle Surrenders Oklahoma Attorney License

    An Oklahoma attorney first licensed to practice in 1981 surrendered his license while disciplinary proceedings were pending against him. In a decree tantamount to disbarment, the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Feb. 10, 2014 approved the resignation of Grant Evan Cheadle. At the time of his resignation, Cheadle was facing allegations that he had missappropriated $185,000 Read More»

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Denies James Golden Jr. Reinstatement

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has denied the application of former Oklahoma attorney James E. Golden Jr. to be reinstated into the practice of law. The court was not convinced Golden’s moral character had improved since he was disbarred April 22, 2008 after pleading to a federal charge of misprision of a felony. The opinion denying Read More»

  • Attorney Disbarred for ‘Dishonest, Deceitful, and Misleading’ Actions

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has disbarred an Oklahoma City attorney who had been repeatedly arrested in alcohol related incidents. Court records and news reports detail several incidents involving alcohol, firearms, vehicle accidents, unruly conduct and arrests that preceded the court’s action to remove Lewis B. Moon from the practice of law. Moon was sanctioned on Read More»

  • Troubled Nicholas Hills Attorney Relinquishes License

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday accepted the state Bar resignation of a troubled Nicholas Hills attorney who’d repeatedly been charged with felonies in the prior year. Although Amy Lynn McTeer’s resignation brought to a standstill disciplinary proceedings against her, her other legal troubles remain. The Supreme Court opinion didn’t disclose details of McTeer’s disciplinary Read More»

  • Oklahoma City Attorney Disbarred for Fiduciary Neglect

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has disbarred an Oklahoma City attorney accused of eight counts of professional misconduct. Michelle Renee Rowe was charged with seven counts related to specific clients’ cases, and another count alleging neglect of fiduciary responsibility. She did not appear at a Supreme Court hearing where charges against her were heard. Under the Read More»

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