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Tulsa Attorney Sues Ex-Fiance Over Alleged Infidelity With Cops

Tulsa attorney Brian Martin sues ex-fianceTulsa attorney Brain Martin has filed a lawsuit against a woman he says is his ex-fiance, alleging false representation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Martin’s filing caught the attention of editors at, a popular blog about the legal community, who featured his claim on their “Lawsuit Of The Day” page. writer Joe Patrice cited a murder case Martin tried as evidence that he “seems to be a pretty good lawyer,” but questioned Martin’s romantic skills.  “(H)e seems to be less skilled in love,” Patrice wrote.

According to Martin’s lawsuit, in 2010 he entered into an dating relationship with the respondent. She led Martin to believe it was an exclusive relationship, the filing states.

Nonetheless, the woman began sexual relationships with several Tulsa police officers, Martin alleges. He says he found out about the extracurricular affairs when he caught an early flight back from a trip to Las Vegas.

Around the same time the woman Martin planned to marry was allegedly cavorting with several police officers, he bought her an engagement ring, Martin alleged. Not any ring would do. According to the filing, she would accept nothing but a Tiffany’s ring. That’s what he bought for her, Martin alleged.

Shortly after she accepted his proposal for marriage, the woman moved in with a Tulsa police officer, but claimed to be living with her father, Martin alleged. Months later – in April 2013 – she sent him a text message that read “I want our babies,” Martin’s filing states.

Martin passionately characterized how he was affected by the matter:

Respondent’s actions in the setting in which they occurred were so extreme and outrageous as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency and would be considered atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society and these actions intentionally or recklessly cause severe emotional distress to the Petitioner beyond that which a reasonable person could be expected to endure.

The blogger noted that “a scorned lawyer runs back to the safety of a forum that makes him or her most comfortable, I suppose.”

Martin claims economic damages in excess of $10,000 and also asks for punitive or exemplary damages. The writer offered advice for Martin:

“(T)his guy might just want to cut his losses and consider himself lucky because his ex sounds kinda terrible,” Patrice wrote.

Commenting on the repeated allegations that the ex-fiance had a sexual relationship with various Tulsa police offiers, the writer cited the number of Tulsa police officers and speculated how long it would take the ex-fiance to “get through all of them.”

Martin’s lawsuit alludes to four police officers with which he says his ex-fiance had relationships while she was engaged to Martin, each identified only by initials. According to the lawsuit, the first of those alleged relationships started in late 2011 or early 2012.

It doesn’t appear to be the first time Martin found himself in domestic matter that involved a Tulsa police officer. Several news accounts dated Sept. 6, 2011 say another Tulsa police officer, Detective Roger Smith, was arrested at that time on a domestic assault-and-battery complaint after the detective allegedly pointed a gun at Martin in the detective’s driveway.

The Tulsa detective was accused of spraying pepper spray in the face of a woman who Martin had driven to the house. The woman, according to a Tulsa World report, said she lived with Smith at a residence in a part of north Tulsa located in Osage County. Files from that case did not appear to be available in online court records.


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