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Edmond Attorney Resigns After Settlement Funds Withheld

An Edmond attorney has relinquished his law license after the Oklahoma Bar Association initiated disciplinary proceedings on allegations he failed to turn over settlement funds to a client. Attorney Michael Wayne Jackson represented a client in a wrongful death action that was settled in 2006, according to a Supreme Court opinion.

Jackson withdrew his contingency fee of $175,000 from a trust account – half of a $350,000 settlement – but didn’t immediately notify the client of the settlement. In 2010, he began making installment payments, which amounted to $62,750 paid to the client during the next two years. After that, the client was unable to contact Jackson and filed a complaint with the Bar Association, the Supreme Court opinion states.

In resigning his Bar membership, Jackson relinquished any right to contest allegations detailed in the Supreme Court opinion. He further agreed to repay any funds the Bar’s Client Security Fund may pay out in response to claims from his client. Additionally, he agreed to cooperate with the Bar’s General Counsel in identifying any active cases where documents or files may need to be turned over to new counsel, or where he may owe a money to a client.

Jackson will not be eligible to reapply for a law license for five years, and then may seek reinstatement only after repaying the Client Security Fund for any claims paid on his behalf.

Read the Supreme Courts Opinion “STATE ex rel. OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION v. JACKSON” here.

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