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Troubled Nicholas Hills Attorney Relinquishes License

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday accepted the state Bar resignation of a troubled Nicholas Hills attorney who’d repeatedly been charged with felonies in the prior year. Although Amy Lynn McTeer’s resignation brought to a standstill disciplinary proceedings against her, her other legal troubles remain.

The Supreme Court opinion didn’t disclose details of McTeer’s disciplinary action, but she’s no stranger to law blogs. According to the popular legal blog “Above the Law” McTeer was arrested in January, 2012 for filing a false police report. reports that officials placed four children in state custody at that time, on the belief McTeer’s home was not appropriate for children. She had earlier been charged with attempting to break a boyfriend out of prison. In February, she was charged with possession of methampetamine, public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Before she voluntarily relinquished her law license, McTeer appeared to be having difficulty adhering to courtroom decorum durign criminal proceedings against her. At a preliminary hearing on the possession and intoxication charges, she was removed from the courtroom after she repeatedly interrupted the proceedings with angry outbursts.

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